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It’s quick and easy to check your balances, view your transaction history, and transfer funds with Online Banking. It’s FREE when you sign up  for Cornerstone Community Bank’s Online Banking. Bank where you want, when you want – day or night. If you have any questions about Online Banking, feel free to call 262-375-9150 or log in now to view your account.


Log-In Screen Change for Online Banking Users

On Tuesday, March 10, online banking users noticed a change to their log-in screen. Users no longer see the Image and Pass Phrase from the Password screen. Instead, users only see the Password field.

Customers use the same log-in process when accessing Retail or Business Online banking. After entering the Access ID, users simply look to verify the website URL address bar is green and then enter their password. However, if on an unrecognizable device, you will continue to be prompted for your security challenge questions.

Will customers need to do anything differently when logging into online banking?
Customers will use the same login process when accessing Retail or Business Online banking. After entering their Access ID, they will simply look to verify the website URL address bar is green and then enter their password. 

What is the Extended Validation SSL Certificate?
It is a more secure site certificate that enables special features in client browsers to demonstrate increased trust in the site they are accessing. 

How will I know when I am accessing the enhanced site?
For most users accessing a site with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, the URL bar will turn green and you will see UFS, LLC listed.  All major browsers have slightly different methods of displaying an EV enabled website. Below are examples of how the top three browsers display their URLs.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Bar

Google Chrome
Google Chrome Bar

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox Bar


Is Multi Factor Authentication less secure without the Image and Pass Phrase?
No. The upgrade to MFA 2.0 in July of 2014 introduced adaptive authentication technology. This technology takes a risk based approach to enabling strong multifactor authentication device forensics and behavioral analysis. It utilizes the following data elements to identify the device:

User-agent String: app name, version, host operating system, language

User Screen information: color depth, width, height and vertical space

Software Plug-ins: software plug-ins installed on the user’s browser

Current Time: user’s current time-zone

Language: user’s browser language

Java: whether Java is enabled

Cookies: whether cookies are enabled

Please contact your personal banker with any questions!

Cornerstone Community Bank Launches Branded Mobile Banking App for Smart Phones and iPads/Tablets

The new Cornerstone Community Bank branded app is here for smart phones and iPads/tablets! If you currently have the TouchBanking app on your phone, you will automatically be instructed to install the new CCB Mobile App. Once installed, you should remove the TouchBanking app.

Don’t have our mobile banking app on your smart phone yet? See below!

HOW TO ENROLL…First of all, you will need an Online Banking account to sign up.  If you are already an Online Banking subscriber, then download the Cornerstone Community Bank App from the Apple App Store or Google Play, enter in your account information and view your accounts.  If you do not have an Online Banking account, click on the “First Time User” link in the Online Banking section on our home page of our website.  After registering, follow the prompts to sign up for Mobile Banking.

App Store_AppleAvailable App Store


Mobile Capture is HERE!!



Have only a few checks to deposit? With Mobile Capture, you are given the opportunity to deposit your checks directly to your bank account with one easy click, using your smart phone.  

How to Get Mobile Capture
Contact your personal banker to sign the Terms and Conditions. Once completed, download the branded Mobile Banking App to your smart phone, enter your account information, click on “Deposits” and follow the instructions.

Already have the branded Mobile Banking App? Then contact your personal banker to sign the Terms and Conditions form, and the Cash Management team will turn on the feature for you to access. 

Additional Terms for Mobile Capture
1) Each item must be endorsed “for mobile deposit only.”
2) Mobile deposits are limited to one item per deposit. Daily deposit limit is $5,000.00.
3) Mobile Capture items need to be retained for seven days.
4) Deposits received by the bank after 4:30 p.m. will be posted the next business day.
5) The bank’s standard funds availability rules apply; refer to Funds Availability Disclosure from account opening or on our website.
6) The bank reserves the right to cancel access to Mobile Capture for accounts not kept in good standing.
7) Questions about Mobile Capture should be directed to the Cash Management Department:
Gale (414.755.6423) or Julie (262.546.1122).


New and Improved Online Bill Payment is Here

What’s more, Cornerstone Community Bank’s Online Bill Pay service offers you the convenience of paying your bills automatically with the click of your mouse…and it’s FREE! Take it for a test drive!


Enjoy the Convenience of eStatements

eStatements provide an online view and store up to 18 months of past statements for your record keeping. eAlerts tell you when your statement is ready.

Why is it important to switch over to eStatements?

It’s fast. No waiting for the mailman to arrive.
It’s more secure. No statements to get lost in the mail or delivered to the wrong address.
It’s green. It helps the environment by reducing the amount of paper used.
It’s more efficient. While online, you can just “click” to see your statement. You can also save statements to look back at them months later.

Online Sign-up
Simply login online and click on eStatement enrollment. The rest is easy!

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