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Local Community Links

Grafton Chamber of Commerce
Village of Grafton
Town of Grafton

Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce
City of Cedarburg
Town of Cedarburg
Cedarburg Cultural Center
Cedarburg Festivals

Fox Point/Bayside
Village of Fox Point
Village of Bayside
Fox Point Foundation
Fox Point Farmers’ Market

Menomonee Falls
Village of Menomonee Falls
Menomonee Falls Village Centre
Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce
Old Falls Village

General Links

Business Web Sites
BankSITE Consumer Guide
CreditPage Counseling Guide
CNN Financial
Dow Jones
Dun and Bradstreet
Federal Express
MasterCard International
New York Stock Exchange
SEC: Securities Exchange Commission
Standard and Poors Blue List
United Parcel Service


Consumer Government

Federal Trade Commission

OnGuard Online

Consumer Information Center
Federal Trade Commission Home Page
HUD Home Page
U.S. Small Business Administration
U. S. Central Intelligence Agency
U.S. Dept of Education
U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
U.S. General Services Administration
The White House

News and Publications
ABC News
Bloomberg News
CBS Eye On The Net
CNN Interactive
Corporate Financials On-line
Financial Times
Forbes Magazine
Money Line
USA Today Financial Pages
Wall Street Journal

Public Service
American Bar Association
America’s Job Bank
Link to Weather
Missing and Exploited Kids